A Braces Dentist Can Transform Your Smile

Braces DentistAs a braces dentist, we can examine your teeth and let you know if orthodontics is the best way to achieve the goals you have for your smile. Once braces have been decided upon, we will prescribe precisely the right treatment options for your teeth. Since braces were first thought of by Aristotle as early as 300 BC, they have grown and progressed into a comprehensive treatment process that is used by millions of orthodontists every year. Using braces is literally the best option you have for straightening your teeth if you want to avoid costly surgical procedures. For those concerned about the esthetics associated with having a mouth full of metal, modern medicine, and scientific advancements have remedied this. Today's braces come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and the ability to be relatively invisible. Even more importantly, braces are not just for kids, adults can have their teeth straightened as well.

Braces, it was thought, were most effective on children whose growing bone structure made it easier to reshape the mouth so that the teeth could come in the right way. While there is still a great deal of wisdom in this conventional way of thinking, modern orthodontists are also able to work miracles on older patients. The advances in dentistry and the deeper understanding of how the jawbone and teeth work has created a situation where no one has to live with crooked or misaligned teeth anymore.

Healthier lifestyles and access to better medical care are making people live longer, making it more important for adults to have straighter teeth. People have also grown more conscious about their appearance as the understanding and importance of a winning smile continues to grow. These are factors that have led more and more adults to take the step of getting their own teeth straightened. Having watched their children go through the process of getting braces the mystery and some of the fear is alleviated. With the various techniques available, adults are rapidly becoming a large segment of the population that works with a braces dentist.

Often, adults do not want wear traditional metal braces. When you consider that the average treatment time for braces ranges anywhere from a few months to a year and a half, it is obvious why many adults would be uncomfortable with the traditional approach. With products like Invisalign, which fits virtually invisible trays over the mouth and gradually moves the teeth into the proper alignment, even these esthetic fears have been largely alleviated. What is important for an adult, seeking to get braces, is to have a clear idea of what their goal is. If the goal is to get straighter, more beautiful teeth as quickly as possible, you may want to consider getting the traditional braces which work faster and more effectively.

The average cost for adult braces in America, according to a recent article in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, is around $4,800 with Invisalign costing around $500 more. Naturally these numbers vary based on the amount of work to be done, time frames involved, and how quickly you want that beautiful smile. However, for many adults once relegated to a life of crooked teeth that is a small price to pay. To receive a quote for straightening your teeth visit a braces dentist.


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