Answers About Modern Dentistry From Your Local Dentist

Posted on: January 31, 2015

dentistAs a local dentist, we understand the importance of dental care for ensuring that patients have a long and healthy life.  Everything in the body is connected so having healthy teeth can make life more enjoyable overall.  By providing regular teeth cleanings, we can help patients to stay well.  Additionally, we take the time to educate patients and answer questions, so that people know how to care for their teeth and gums at home.  This is also a great time to answer questions about dentistry or dental treatments that our patients have.  Some of these questions come up repeatedly so here is what you need to know.Do I have to wear dentures after losing a tooth?No, you don’t thanks to modern dental technology.  There are several solutions for replacing a missing tooth and dentures are only one of them. You can also use a dental bridge, a permanent non-surgical option, or you can use a dental implant.  An implant is the most like a natural tooth because a metal post is implanted under the gums and secured to the jawbone.  The metal and the bone fuse together to make a new root system that a crown is attached to.  Not only does this look the most natural but it helps your jaw to remain strong as well.Why does my crown need to be replaced?If you had a crown placed over a decade ago, it might be time to replace it.  Crowns, veneers, and other restorations can last for over a decade, but they are not meant to last forever.  A restoration, just like a natural tooth, can wear away over time.  As it does, you may need to replace it in order to protect the tooth that was originally damaged.  During exams at our dentist office, we can let you know if it appears that you need a replacement.  You can help to prolong the lifespan of your restorations by taking good care of your teeth and gums, brushing and flossing throughout the day, and have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.Will the procedure hurt?As a local dentist, one of the most common questions we get is whether or not something will hurt.  It is common for people to have dental anxiety and millions of adults do.  This is often caused by horror stories and bad childhood experiences, rather than how a procedure actually feels.  When this is the case, we recommend an oral medication to help patients relax.  If major work is being performed, we can also provide pain medication so that our patients remain comfortable.  With this in mind, when you ge dental work done at our office, you should feel great the entire time.Can the same dentist whiten my teeth that fixes my cavity?Yes, we perform a variety of treatments in our dental office and can help by keeping your teeth clean, treating infections, restoring damaged teeth and completing cosmetic procedures like a teeth whitening.  This makes it possible for our patients to get all of their oral health needs met in one location.