Common Restorative Dental Procedures from your Dentist in Placentia

If it has been some time since your last dental visit, you may benefit from seeing a dentist in Placentia. Many of our patients once had amazing smiles that they neglected for some time. Others were in traumatic accidents that … Continued

The Practice of General Dentistry: Distinct Advantages for You

The practice of general dentistry is one that has specific advantages, both for you the patient, and for us as the dentist. We know that nobody really likes going to the dentist and that most people would avoid it if … Continued

Visit Our General Dentistry Office to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Education and practicing general dentistry go hand in hand. One of the greatest parts of general dentistry is the ability to teach people about their mouth, the things we do to make sure you are healthy, and how to keep … Continued