Facts You May Not Know About Adult Braces

As a provider of adult braces, we are asked a lot of questions about how the procedure works and what the results will be when done.  These are easy to answer as the results are always amazing. Under the surface, … Continued

An Orthodontist Can Help to Straighten Teeth Using More than Braces

There are multiple ways to straighten teeth and as an orthodontist we can help.  More often than not, kids need braces because their bite is off, and they have an over or under bite, gaps in their teeth, or overcrowding. … Continued

An Orthodontist Can Give you a Straight and Beautiful Smile

If you have crooked teeth, an orthodontist can transform your smile into one that is perfectly straight and beautiful.  There are a variety of reasons that people need to have their teeth corrected using braces that include having an overbite, … Continued