Visit Our Office for a Quality Pediatric Dentist Near Placentia

For a quality pediatric dentist near Placentia, visit our office because we offer professional pediatric dental care to children who need it. We are a pediatric dentist who provides comprehensive dental care services for infants, young children, and adolescents. We … Continued

Visit Our Pediatric Dentistry Office to Discuss Braces and if Your Child May Need Them

Braces are common and in our pediatric dentistry office, we regularly recommend that children have an orthodontics treatment.  This can be important for the appearance and health of teeth because straight teeth are easier to clean with a reduced risk … Continued

Keep Your Kids Healthy With Help From a Pediatric Dentist

The biggest challenge a pediatric dentistry faces does not come in the form of cavities, but in parents who do not realize how prevalent pediatric dental disease is. When you start to look at the number of children who have … Continued

How Visiting Our Pediatric Dentistry Office Can Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

In our pediatric dentistry office, we understand how important it is for each of our young patients to develop a positive self-image.  Their smile plays an important role in that.  From a very early age, children determine what they feel … Continued

A Pediatric Dentist Discusses Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

As a local pediatric dentist, we treat patients that are very young and recommend that children start to see the dentist when they are one year of age. Many parents don’t start to think about their children’s oral health until … Continued

Pediatric Dentistry for Your Family

We offer a variety of pediatric dentistry services to keep your family healthy.  We recommend that you bring your children in for a visit as soon as they turn one. While this may seem young, it allows us to inspect … Continued

Pediatric Dentistry for Your Family

Pacific Horizon Dental Arts, offers pediatric dentistry services for all of the little ones in your family.  Did you know that children should start to visit the dentist when they are one year of age?  As soon as your child … Continued