Facts You May Not Know About Adult Braces

Posted on: November 6, 2014

OrthodontistAs a provider of adult braces, we are asked a lot of questions about how the procedure works and what the results will be when done.  These are easy to answer as the results are always amazing. Under the surface, many adults simply want to know if it will cramp their lifestyle or make them look funny. The answer is no it won’t.  Getting braces is easier than ever, and there are multiple ways to reduce the impact it has on your appearance.Here is what you need to know.
  • Aligners work. Many adults are choosing to wear clear aligners to straighten their teeth.  They look like clear retainers and are worn for 22 hours a day.  You can take them out when you eat, and the results are phenomenal.  There are certain problems that aligner cannot treat but by and large they are extremely effective.
  • Look behind the teeth.  A new method of treating patients is to install the braces and wires on the back of the teeth instead of in the front.  This type of adult braces is interesting because you can feel the braces but not necessarily see them.  There are some challenges with this type such as flossing or potentially irritating your tongue, but the plus side is that you won’t see them.
  • Braces have shrunk. They used to be huge and take over the majority of the tooth.  This wasn’t too fun for the average middle school kid, but fortunately times have changed.  Now, the brackets and wires are much smaller than they used to be which makes them easier to wear and easier to keep clean. Even flossing takes less time with the new version of braces.
  • Clear is in. Some adult braces are clear so that while they are worn on the front of teeth; you can barely see them.  This is ideal for patients that want straight teeth but are worried about standing out during the process. The method of treatment is the same and still involves brackets and wires but they are easier to wear.
  • Retainers are here to stay.  While modern technology has improved a great deal, retainers are still a necessary part of orthodontics treatments.  After your braces have been removed, you will be fitted for a retainer that needs to be worn every night.  Some people only need to use it for a year or two while others need to use it for the rest of their life.  How long really depends on your teeth, how old you were when you got braces, and whether or not you have a tongue thrust.
When discussing the options for adult braces, we will examine your teeth and determine which solutions will be the best at straightening your teeth.  It takes time to move your teeth into position so it is important that the solution you select is something that you can live with for around two years.  Feel free to ask questions so that you can also be sure of which option works the best for you.