How Visiting Our Pediatric Dentistry Office Can Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Pediatric DentistryIn our pediatric dentistry office, we understand how important it is for each of our young patients to develop a positive self-image.  Their smile plays an important role in that.  From a very early age, children determine what they feel is beautiful and a bright, welcoming smile is typically one of them.  The problem is what if they do not like their own smile?  When this happens, children tend to lose their self-confidence and their self-esteem.  In our dental office, we can help your child to love their smile as they grow. 

Maintaining healthy and beautiful smiles is what we do in our pediatric dentistry office.

When you visit our dental office, you can be confident that we will provide your child with the best possible dental care and that we will take the time to get to know them and any concerns that they have about their teeth.  Many parents think that their children do not consider their appearance or their smile, but they do.  By listening to them, we can provide reassurance and discuss the positive things about their smile.  We can also help them to maintain teeth that are healthy.  This is critical for having a smile that is beautiful as they grow.  For example, children tend to have difficulty brushing their teeth well.  It isn't that they do not try but that they do not get enough of the plaque off of their teeth. When the plaque builds up, it can make their teeth look dirty and even stained.  By simply cleaning their teeth, we can improve how they appear.  By bringing them in for a teeth cleaning twice a year, we can help their smile to look bright and beautiful in addition to being healthy.

During regular appointments, we will let you know if your child has any cavities or infections that need to be treated.  Doing so is important for their health and also for their appearance since a tooth that is severely infected will start to darken. Additionally, keeping their teeth healthy is critical for helping their baby teeth to remain intact for as long as possible.  When teeth fall out too early due to decay or an accident, the other remaining teeth can move out of position and start to enter the space that was supposed to be reserved for a permanent tooth.  This can result in overcrowding and other complications that often leads to the need for braces. By keeping their teeth healthy and in place, we can help to either prevent the need for braces or reduce the length of the treatment that they will need.

Our pediatric dentistry office and the potential for braces.

We will keep an eye on your child's teeth and let you know if it appears that they will need braces or an oral appliance like an expander.  Your child can start an orthodontics treatment as early as seven so if this looks like a possibility we will make a recommendation regarding the next steps to take.

Regardless of what type of dental care your child needs, our goal will always be to keep them healthy and help them to love their smile so that they can have positive self-esteem.


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