Reasons to Try Laser Dentistry This Year

Posted on: March 16, 2015

Laser DentistryAre you familiar with laser dentistry?  Many people aren’t but this emerging technology is revolutionizing medical care, and that extends into dentistry.  Lasers have been used for decades to make common procedures less invasive.  Surgeons, for example, use lasers to make incisions that are so small, the scars almost disappear.  While they have been more commonly used throughout the medical field, dentists are recently starting to apply them to oral health procedures as well.One of the most common ways that lasers are used is in teeth whitening.  When you whiten your teeth, a solution is placed on them that contains a bleaching agent.  Whether you have professional whitening trays created or have it done in our office, the results will typically end up being the same.  The major difference is how long it takes to get there.  Laser whitening activates the bleaching agent for whiter teeth in one day.  If you use the trays at home, you could be wearing them for two weeks in order to get the same results.  Due to the popularity of teeth whitening, this is one way that lasers are being used on a frequent basis.Laser dentistry has achieved far more advances than simply the cosmetic ones.  When a laser is used, the risk of the surrounding gum tissue becoming irritated is significantly reduced.  Lasers are smaller and more accurate which makes patients feel better when compared to the exact same procedure being performed using traditional dental tools.  Some lasers can even work to stop the bleeding and heal the gum tissue as they go.  This speeds up the healing process that much more.One area where laser dentistry really shines is in the treatment of gum disease.  This condition typically starts because bacteria and plaque have built up underneath the gums. This area is impossible to clean with brushing at home, so the plaque remains in place, and the gums become red, swollen, and inflamed, as a result.  In order to treat gum disease, the bacteria and plaque must be removed.  Traditionally, this is done with a deep cleaning where the gum tissue is pulled away from the tooth so that a dental tool can scrape away the plaque underneath.Understandably, this can lead to irritation and discomfort.  While sedation is generally administered, there is a recovery time before the gums feel normal. Lasers, on the other hand, are used to break up the plaque and zap the bacteria without greatly disturbing the gum tissue.  The laser light is so small that it can reach into this small space without the need to use a metal dental tool, which means that the recovery time is much faster.  Some patients don’t feel any discomfort when using this method of treatment.Since the technology is continually advancing, how we use lasers in our dental office will continue to change as well.  We are going to continue to implement new technology to improve the experience of our patients.  To find out how we are using laser dentistry today, call and schedule a consultation.