Signs That You Should See an Emergency Dentist

Posted on: December 15, 2014

Emergency DentistAs an emergency dentist is an expert in pain management and relief.  Discomfort caused by the teeth can be extremely hard to deal with, and most people do not want to wait for a normal business day to see the dentist if a problem occurs Saturday afternoon. Often, when the discomfort is caused by an infection, it can be extremely debilitating, and when it is caused by an accident there is the added emergency of wanting to save the tooth. In either case, we are available to provide  relief, and more importantly to help you address whatever underlying challenges may be causing you to have this discomfort. As such, adding an emergency dentist to your list of emergency contacts is always a good idea.Fortunately as an emergency dentist we are not limited to just helping people who have experienced some kind of trauma. Very often, we find that our patients have an infection or an abscess that could have been dealt with during normal business hours, and probably would have saved them a lot of discomfort. The challenge for many people is that a busy schedule often does not permit them to deal with a minor pain in the mouth, causing them to simply use over the counter pain medications. This does not address nor treat the underlying problem, which in the case of an infection or an abscess can spread to other teeth. Even in the best case scenario, the pain will continue to increase in intensity until they find themselves in dire need of an emergency dentist.A dental abscess is one of the conditions that grows over time but can cause sudden discomfort. Basically, a dental abscess is a localized collection of pus in response to an infection. An abscess can be formed many ways. The most common being a cracked or chipped tooth which gives the bacteria a way to infect the center of the tooth. Once the pulp or center, has been infected there is a good chance the infection will also spread to the root and require immediate action to stop it spreading further. One peculiar fact about chronic abscesses is that they do not always produce severe discomfort. Eventually, there will be a great deal of it, at which point most people seek out the services of an emergency dentist.In addition to discomfort, there are other symptoms that can also manifest and may give you an idea that you need to seek a dental care immediately. If you have any of the following you may have an abscess:
  1. Foul breath accompanied by an extremely bitter taste in your mouth.
  2. An open sore that is seeping fluids on the side of your gum.
  3. Extreme sensitivity in the tooth which disallows you from biting down with you.
  4. Swelling of the lymph glands, particularly around the neck area.
If you notice these symptoms, call and schedule an appointment right away so that you can avoid further discomfort.  Simultaneously, if you damage your tooth, our emergency dentist services are here to help you with this problem as well. 
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