Teeth Whitening Can Help You to Land Your Dream Job After College

Teeth WhiteningIf you are thinking about teeth whitening now is the time to schedule an appointment.  As you are getting ready to graduate from college, you can be proud of your accomplishments.  This is a significant achievement that takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  It also takes sleepless nights and cram sessions fueled by coffee to prepare for exams and write final reports. This is no easy task and the coffee and energy drinks are part of the process.  The only challenge is that this can leave you with stained and yellow teeth, hurt your appearance, and make you appear older than you are.  Fortunately, regardless of how stained your teeth have become – we can help.  Our whitening treatment can remove most if not all, stains so that your smile can look truly amazing.

Why does this matter?  Simple. The better your smile appears, the more likely you are to get your dream job.  There have been several studies that have investigated the impact that an attractive appearance or an attractive smile can make in a persons' career.  They found that when all other things are equal, those with better smiles were hired more often, viewed as good team players, and given raises more frequently.  When planning for how to land your next job, taking the time to improve your smile is a wise investment in yourself.  After all, you have spent four years working hard on your degree and this is one finishing touch.

Did you end college with stained teeth?  Our teeth whitening treatment can help.

Regardless of how much coffee you drink and how stained your teeth are, we can help to improve their appearance.  Our whitening solution is professional grade and incredibly effective.  It will penetrate below the surface of your enamel to remove the deep stains and yellowing.  This is done through the process of oxidization where the molecules inside of your teeth are made to reflect less light and appear colorless.  This process is what gives you a beautiful white smile.  On the other hand, what you buy in the store can typically only remove surface stains.  That means that the procedure will work, but only slightly.  Most people are disappointed with the lack of clear results, whereas our patients are delighted with how white their teeth become.

Why you shouldn't try a teeth whitening kit at home.

You can try to whiten your teeth using a store-bought product but if you do, be careful not to overuse the solution.  This is the biggest problem that people tend to have when whitening their teeth.  If the solution doesn't work like they want it to, they try again and again.  This can harm your teeth by making them permanently sensitive.  It is a far better idea to visit our dental office in the first place and start off with a procedure that you know will work without needing to have it repeated in quick succession.


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