The Practice of General Dentistry: Distinct Advantages for You

Posted on: September 2, 2015

General DentistryThe practice of general dentistry is one that has specific advantages, both for you the patient, and for us as the dentist. We know that nobody really likes going to the dentist and that most people would avoid it if at all possible. The general dentistry environment creates a situation where families work together, coming in for their appointments and, from an accountability standpoint, holding each other responsible for great oral health and hygiene habits. Families that come in together tend to have better oral health. This is because when you make it a habit to see your family dentistry provider regularly, we can do two things. First, we will always clean your teeth to remove the extra buildup of plaque. When plaque is not allowed to accumulate, there is less of a chance that you will have cavities or decay. Secondly, when we see you once every six months, we examine your teeth for potential problems. Any such problems are quickly dealt with before they have an opportunity to bloom into something more serious. From a preventative medicine standpoint, which is the basis for family dentistry, this is a winning scenario for both of us.

From a dentist perspective, having the trust and confidence of the family is a big deal. We know how prevalent dental anxiety, the fear of visiting a dentist, is. Therefore, it is important that we build this relationship over time. In the case of our general dentistry practice, sometimes we can build it over generations. Visiting the dentist for a procedure is a scary prospect for some. Often people are entering an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by people they do not know, and then having to deal with the sounds and smells of everything that goes into a dental office. Throw in the dentist chair, and naturally this can cause anxiety. On the other hand, families that come in to see the family dentist already know the dentist. They are familiar with the place because they have been there before, either for themselves or for a family member. In addition, they trust the family dentist, so it makes it much easier to relax and let go of the anxiety, which in turn makes the entire procedure far more palatable.

General dentistry also offers convenience. When you have a family, different age groups require different kinds of treatments and procedures. We do not want you to have to run all over the city to get these treatments at different times. To help with this, we have brought the majority of the work done by general dentistry in-house, allowing you to get the procedures you need in one convenient location. Whether you need X-rays or digital imaging, braces or dentures, or if you need to have an extraction, all of these and much more can be done right here at the family dentist clinic. This saves you time, and from experience, it ensures that your family will get all of the work they need to have done, done.