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DentistAs a dentist, one of our many goals is to provide you with good information about your teeth. Our focus has always been on holistic measures that can help you to prevent issues from occurring so that when you come see us it is for routine maintenance instead of a dental emergency. Naturally, when you come in with a very specific problem we are going to make sure that we take care of that problem first, and then work with you to see how you can avoid having this situation again.

We have found that dentist visits can actually be very pleasant if we are collaborating on your health care and wellness. One of the things we have found is that many people come in with all kinds of information that they have picked up on the internet. This is both good and bad. It is good because having an informed group of patients is always positive. On the other hand, sometimes the information that people find is more than a little confusing. With a plethora of experts on the internet, and with searches available on everything from boat motors to dental implants, there is no specificity to the information you are getting. As such, what you read here and elsewhere should serve as a starting point. You should then take your question and visit our dentist office. We know your history, are trained in dental science, and can address all of your dental issues in person.

Why people visit us ...

Most dentist visits are very routine. We know this because, as a dentist, we see patients every day for things like cavities, teeth cleanings, and putting in braces. Despite the concerns that you may have after reading stuff online, every single toothache does not automatically herald the need for massive reconstructive surgery and certainly is not a sign that all of your teeth are going to fall out. This is probably a good thing considering that the second most common reason why people miss a productive day of work or school is because of one. A toothache can be due to any number of reasons, the most common of which is a small cavity that has not been filled. This is a perfectly treatable condition that can be dealt with quickly.

A cavity is formed by the actions of bacterial acid on your teeth, wearing down the enamel until they eventually make a small hole in the tooth. The mouth is host to many varieties of bacteria, which is perfectly normal but does require that you have good oral hygiene habits. Regular cleaning of the teeth, including daily brushing and visiting us for a bi-annual professional cleaning, prevents the bacteria from building up on the teeth. When bacteria build up on the teeth, it is known as plaque. The bacteria in plaque uses the food you eat to secrete acid onto the teeth and the corrosive nature of the acid eventually wears down the chemical composition of the enamel, in a process known as decay, creating a cavity - something that is treatable in our dentist office.


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