Visit Our Office for Laser Dentistry After an Accident

Posted on: June 23, 2015

Laser DentistryIn our laser dentistry office, we are improving dental care.  Our objective has always been to keep our patients in the best possible oral health by providing comprehensive care.  With a focus on results, we have always offered a wide range of procedures.  We have also been concerned about the comfort level of our patients.  Understanding that many people suffer from dental anxiety, we surmised that providing a relaxing environment and gentle care would decrease the anxiety that our patients feel – it has.  However, after an accident, the chance of someone feeling stressed due to the trauma of the accident itself and their subsequent injuries is relatively high.  This is when visiting our dental office is more important than ever.

In addition to offering a wide variety of procedures, we provide a better way to have these procedures completed – lasers.  Laser dentistry is a far superior option to using traditional metal dental tools for several reasons.  The first of which is the ability for patients to relax. For people that suffer from dental anxiety, the most common reason is the dental drill.  A dental drill is noisy, produces a strange odor, vibration, and heat.  All of these combine to make a stressful experience that causes some people to jump even at the noise a drill makes during a movie.  In our dental office, we have reduced the possibility of feeling anxious by replacing the drill in many of our procedures.  Using a laser instead, we can provide the same dental care without the noise, heat or vibration.  In fact, lasers are so subtle in doing their job that many of our patients do not realize when a particular area of their mouth is being worked on.  This is truly the best in dental care.

Laser dentistry is ideal for those that have been in an accident because their mouth is already under duress.  Gum tissue is often inflamed and the teeth themselves are sensitive.  Performing a restorative procedure is often necessary but can pose challenges given the current state of the mouth.  Dental tools can, for example, irritate the surrounding gum tissue while one particular tooth is being worked on.  This can simply prolong the overall recovery time and the discomfort being felt by a patient.  This is not a problem when using lasers.  The laser energy is so focused and fine that it can target the smallest of spaces and be used on both hard and soft tissue to treat cavities, assist in performing restorations, treat gum disease, and even help to stop gums from bleeding.  The applications are numerous and the results are consistent.

As a dentist, we appreciate that laser dentistry allows us to provide our patients with dental care in a way that is more accurate, faster, more comfortable and more consistent.  Lasers provide an overall improvement to dental care and they are offered to you here, in our dental office.  If you would like to experience how much better dentistry can be – call and schedule your appointment today.